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Nat VeinNat Vein is a freelance communications consultant, white label content producer and editor, both with corporate clients and with nonprofit organisations. She has worked with international clients from the financial services sector, from the media and news production industry, and also cooperated with educational organisations, foundations and charities.

Main subject areas are economics and finance, investing and asset management, while specific projects range from comprehensive communications strategy development, repositioning and rebranding, to addressing a client’s specific needs, such as editorial content, analyses, speeches and company newsletters, targeting the relevant audiences according to predetermined aims and selected platforms.

Strategically, the focus lies on delivering a comprehensive communication plan with clearly outlined steps and targets, to effectively combine commercial aims with high-quality publications and content. Understanding and responding to each client’s and project’s individual needs, as well as maintaining high levels of adaptability and flexibility, are also central to the work mentality, while a direct relationship and open line of communication, allows as much or as little operational involvement as the client requires. On a tactical level, great emphasis is placed on absolute confidentiality and on the quality of all end products, from analytical research and original content production, to editing and proofreading. All final publications or other material are results of thorough research, that can engage the reader though the added-value of informative and useful content, while getting the client’s message across: their views, their outlook and competitive advantages, clearly communicated though the choice of the right words.

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